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3 Vacuum Cleaning Mistakes You Might Be Making

Vacuum Cleaning Carpet

Clean, beautiful carpet can make your entire home look and smell better, which is one reason why you might keep your vacuum handy. Unfortunately, many homeowners make simple mistakes when it comes to vacuuming that can result in dirty, damaged carpet. Below are three vacuuming mistakes you might be making, and how to change your ways.

1. Rushing Through the Job

Since most people don't like to spend more time than they need to when taking care of housework, they might be tempted to rush through vacuum cleaning, quickly going over rugs or skipping areas that look generally clean.

Unfortunately, moving too quickly can defeat the purpose of vacuuming, since even the nicest systems need time to physically suck dirt and debris off of carpet fibers. Additionally, moving too fast could lead to dirt buildup in areas around furniture and wall corners, leading to discoloration.

Although it might not seem like a big deal to vacuum a little recklessly from time to time, leaving behind dirt can actually be incredibly abrasive to your carpet. When it comes down to it, dirt is made up of microscopic rocks, and those rocks can damage the delicate fibers of your carpet, especially as your family and pets walk across the floor.

When the carpet is left dirty, fibers can mat together and create wear patterns in high traffic areas. However, you can prevent these kinds of issues by taking your time when you vacuum. As you move over your carpet, focus on vacuuming over every square inch of your carpet, and use your hose and the appropriate tools to tackle dirt you can't reach with the body of your appliance.

2. Forgetting to Replace Bags or Empty Canisters

Vacuum cleaners work by using an electric motor to power a fan that changes the air pressure inside your appliance. As pressure builds, suction is created, and your vacuum can whisk away the fine particulates you can't see, depositing them into a disposable bag or a plastic canister.

Unfortunately, as time goes on and you continue to use your vacuum cleaner, these bags or canisters become filled with debris, lowering the air pressure inside of your vacuum and reducing suction power. Over time, this limited suction power can even put extra strain on your vacuum, shortening the lifespan of the motor.

For this reason, experts recommend replacing disposable vacuum cleaner bags as soon as they are half to two-thirds full, and emptying canisters as frequently as is recommended by the manufacturer of your vacuum cleaner.  Additionally, if your vacuum cleaner has a filter, replace it as soon as it is visibly dirty. You can make this step easier to accomplish if you keep a few extra filters on hand and store them in your cleaning closet alongside your vacuum.

3. Skipping Professional Cleanings

Stained carpet can make your entire home look unkempt, which is why you might reach for a bottle of dry carpet cleaning powder when you spot discolorations. Unfortunately, while vacuums and cleaning powders are great at removing dry debris, these products are no substitute for professional carpet cleanings.

Dry carpet cleaning works a lot like dry shampoo does. After sprinkling the powder around on your carpet, the chemicals adhere to oils and some stain pigments. When you vacuum the powder up from your carpet, some of the stain is broken down and removed along with the chemical.

However, dry carpet cleaning doesn't do much to remove deep-set stains or sanitize your carpets, which is why many cleaning businesses recommend professional hot water extraction carpet cleaning. Since hot water extraction cleaning harnesses the power of zero-residue cleaners and steam, your carpet will look and feel cleaner, making it easier to vacuum effectively in the future.

If your carpet has seen better days, turn to our team for help. Here at John Wecker Carpet Cleaning, we focus on bringing state-of-the-art hot water extraction carpet cleaning to our customers, sanitizing carpet, and making homes look better than ever before. Learn more about how we can help by giving our team a call today.