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Why Professional Carpet Cleaning Is Necessary Before an Open House

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Carpet Cleaning
Placing your home for sale can seem like an exciting process at first, but there are many factors you must consider. Before a real estate agent can show your home for a private viewing or host an open house to get it in front of potential home buyers, the house needs to be ready to wow anyone in the market for a new place to live. That means you need to have it sparkling clean.
One of the places in your home where dirt and grime can most easily accumulate is your carpets! A simple vacuuming won't do when you need to rid your carpets of messes that inevitably come with years of use. Here are the reasons why you need a professional carpet cleaning before your real estate agent hosts an open house to showcase your home to buyers.

You May Be Nose Blind to Your Carpet's Bad Odors

One of the smelliest things in your house may be your dirty carpets. Unfortunately, some people have a tendency to be nose blind, or scent blind, to the odors in their own home. Since people are around their own smells all the time, they often aren't aware of stinky scents that accumulate in carpets. However, any potential homebuyers will immediately notice bad odors.

Here's the kicker. Potential home buyers may immediately see foul smells emanating from your carpets as a big, waving red flag. They may assume that the bad smell is actually mold in the walls or an overall sign of neglect.

Even if your carpets don't look dirty, don't be shy about asking a neighbor or friend to walk around your home and point out any weird or bad smells. Bringing in an honest friend can help you identify when your carpets are stinky so you can have them cleaned. Alternately, have all your carpets professionally cleaned to be on the safe side.

You Get Only One Chance to Impress Many Buyers

A lot of homebuyers are at least a bit jaded when it comes to checking out houses. They may have perused hundreds of potential abodes online, and many homebuyers make it a habit to go to as many open houses in the area as possible. Your guests may be short on patience and holding out for the moment when a house absolutely wows them.

If those homebuyers walk into the open house at your home and notice dirty, grimy carpets, they probably won’t want to see much else. After all, many people will jump to conclusions about how well you've taken care of your home based on how well-kept the carpets and other areas of the house look. Having newly cleaned carpets shows how much you value your home.

You Can Prevent Allergies From Acting Up

If you bring a lot of buyers into your home during an open house or series of home showings, you may encounter several buyers that have allergies. If you don't have your carpet cleaned, it may be full of dust and other allergens that can make a visit to your home uncomfortable for allergy sufferers.

If the allergies of potential homebuyers act up when they step in your home, they aren't going to want to linger there very long. In fact, an allergic reaction can leave an unfavorable impression. However, if you have your carpets professionally cleaned before the showing, the cleaning process can remove some common allergens and show that you respect the needs of home buyers.

Finally, selling your home is a complex thing. It's more of an art than a science. Nobody can tell you one certain formula that will result in a fast, easy real estate sale. Nevertheless, you can take certain actions that will increase your house's appeal to potential home buyers.

Having professionally cleaned, beautiful carpet will enhance the aesthetics of your home and potentially have a big impact on how open house attendees perceive your home. John Wecker Carpet Cleaning uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a thorough and high-quality carpet cleaning every time. We will leave your carpet ready for any open house or private home showing. Call us today!